Remembering Alan Dixon

Former senator Alan Dixon of Illinois passed away yesterday. I heard the news this morning from WSIU. I’d spoken to Alan’s son just a couple of weeks ago, and knew he was under the weather, but I was not expecting this.

9780809332601I had the pleasure of working with Alan on his memoir, The Gentleman from Illinois. The stories he shares are genuine and accessible. I hold a special place in my heart for the authors of our political memoirs—they are a special breed.  But Alan was one of my favorites. Without fail, every phone call would begin with “Hey, it’s your old buddy Alan Dixon!” Perhaps he said this with every call he made, but it never felt like it.



His family encouraged him to write his memoirs, and were very active in helping to promote the book when it was published. It’s clear that they are a loving family. My heart goes out to them.


It was a pleasure to work with Alan and his family, and I’m honored to have had the opportunity to do so. Rest in peace, “old buddy.”